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The Office + Wikipedia = Social Networking Awesomeness

In the NBC series “The Office,” the boss Michael Scott turned toWikipedia for tips on fending off an employee’s request for a pay raise. Viewers quickly flocked to the online encyclopedia and added their take to its entry on negotiations.
Administrators at Wikipedia had to limit editing of the entry, most recently late Tuesday, placing it in “semi-protection” mode. That meant users couldn’t make changes anonymously or from accounts fewer than four days old — to discourage those drawn to the site specifically because of the broadcast.
The site imposed similar restrictions on the entry twice before, only to see vandalism continue after they were lifted.
Wikipedia is a collaborative reference site where anyone can add, change or even delete entries, regardless of expertise. The thinking is that the collective wisdom results in a better product overall, and members of the community can watch for any vandalism and reverse it.
In the case of the “negotiation” entry, viewers quickly added phony tips in response to clueless advice from Scott, played by Steve Carell, in last week’s episode.
One edit simply replaced the entry with a statement praising the television program. That was followed by the insertion of Scott’s tips for getting the upper hand, including “suddenly changing the location” and “refusing to talk first.”
Users made more than 100 changes, including those to reverse the vandalism, before the site imposed the latest restrictions on revisions.
Wikipedia does face vandalism from time to time as a result of high-profile mentions.
Fans of Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report” flocked to Wikipedia to alter articles on elephants after he said on the program, “all we need to do is convince a majority of people that some factoid is true — for instance, that Africa has more elephants today than it did 10 years ago.

‘Office’ fans flock to edit Wikipedia – Yahoo! News

Personally… I think this is hilarious.  I feel for the zealots of the Wiki-nation (because there are people who spend their days trolling for mistakes they can jump on– whatever floats your boat), but seriously?  This is giggle-worthy.

You take the good, you take the bad, and if you’re lucky you’ll get some funny too… that is the way of community-run projects. 

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