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Rumorville: Harry Potter & the Graphic Novel?

Now that the title and release date for the last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, has been announced, much speculation has begun on what could happen next for the beloved series that many do not want to see come to an end. For example, one comic book site has a new article online asking if the Harry Potter books would perhaps make a good comic book or graphic novel series, in the form similar to the new Stephen King Dark Tower Comics. Newsarama let us know about a short interview they had with a rep from Scholastic (US publishers of the Potter books) if they had any interest in producing a Harry Potter graphic novel series for their Graphix line.

The Leaky Cauldron – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (movie 5) news, images, videos, podcast and more

Head to The Leaky Cauldron’s news site: leakynews.com (GREAT HP site, btw. I listen to their podcast regularly) and read what David Saylor of Scholastic/Graphix says. It’s barely a twinkle in an eye– but the mere fact that it was mentioned makes me curious.

First thought: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I feel like the Masterful Guru herself, JK Rowling, has said repetitively that she needs to move away from the series, and that she had contemplated Harry’s death just to ensure that no one else could pick up the pen in her steed. I agree with her.

Second thought: As a muggle wishing to be a wizard, oh the joy I would have in exploring HP’s world beyond ‘the boy who lived.’ Like, namely, what is the American school of Wizardry like? Where is it? What about other kids at Hogwarts– generations AFTER Harry, Ron, and Hermione?

I hope to be in London for the premiere of the next movie. I was in the selected-fan stadium seating around the Odeon in London for both of the 1st and 2nd movies (I was the only whacked-out adult without a kid in the crowd).

Oh the memories– I happened to recognize Cher when she showed up with the platinum do of ’03. I chanted her name like a crazy person, and she came up, took my hand and said “Thank you.” I was the only one who knew who she was. Poor thing.

The camp counselor inside me managed to get the crowd of 8+ year old British children chanting:

Izzy: “Give me an H”
Crowd: “Haaaayshhh!”
Izzy: “Give me an A”
Crowd: “Aye!”
Izzy: “Give me an R”
Crowd: “Awwwwr”
Izzy: “Give me another R”

Crowd: “Awwwwr”
Izzy: “Give me a Y”
Crowd: “Y!”
Izzy: “What’s that spell?”
Crowd: “Arrrry Paw-er”

Or when Robbie Coltrane arrived and I managed to get the crowd chanting “Robbie, Robbie!” And our dearest Hagrid thought we were cheering for Robbie Williams. Oh bless.

I was amongst my people those two separate days in London– 2002, 2003.

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