Youtube & Companies that cater to U13 crowds

Recently we were asked to think about assimilating our kids-focused brand onto YouTube. This was a hot topic with our marketing, brand and community departments. The fact that it raised such a fuss begged further thought on the topic. So, I brainstormed some considerations and thought processes that should happen before jumping into any project of this sort, especially when the audeince is children.

Joi Podgorny

Joi recently jumped into her thought process on kid sites & youtube. I am very, very much against it– reminds me of standing in a dark/sketchy alley with candy, enticing any kids that wander by to come hang out with us. Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. However, I do not run the world (yet)… so my opinions can only go so far. So sad.

Check our Joi’s blog post– it’s illuminating.  Also, it is worth a peek at her post about online communities (definition) & traffic.

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