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Tutorlinker.com: Social Networking for Educational Hook-ups

No, no– not “hook-ups” hook-ups… but a quick and easy way to find a tutor.

Los Angeles based TutorLinker just relaunched with a new design and functionality. They’ve created a marketplace to find tutors based on geography (including a Google maps mashup), subject matter and pricing.

Search is currently based only on location, although each tutor in
they system has filled out a detailed profile that includes subjects
they would like to tutor in. Allowing search or browsing by those
subjects right at the top level would make things easier.

They should also allow user ratings of tutors, which isn’t there
right now. Feedback will provide prospective customers a good idea of
how well this tutor has done in the past, and it will also build
community participation.

One way for them to expand beyond their current walled garden is to
build an API into the service as well. There are lots of parenting
sites, including social networks, that may be willing to add this
functionality to their sites.

Be a Tutor, Find a Tutor: TutorLinker

At first, after reading this article– my yellow flag went up.  I thought “Crap… a social networking site linking anyone to kids in need. Seems like an easy in for creepiness.”  But then I actually took a peek at the page.  PHEW.  It’s actually really nice.  And more college-appropriate than anything else.

It follows a lot of the same vibe as Sittercity.com, which is a subscription service (ugh).  Plus it only allows tutors to register.  If you’re looking for a tutor, all that is needed is your zip code, and the google-like map marks the locals of various tutors.  Roll your cursor over the pinpoint icon on the map and you get a very small bioJake. University of Chicago. Mathematics.”  Some have pics, some don’t.  You can track down the rest of their info by clicking on their teeny avatar (which are kinda cute lil guys/gals, loads of variety…).  Rates are provided, self intro, educational history (although some choose to keep this info short & basic), and subjects of interest.  No rating system or recommendations (yikes– seems like an important element to forget).  And if you’re interested in a tutor-candidate, you fill out a form box which resembles the same form you get when adding comments to a blog.  All in all, the site is Free & quick to use.

I suppose my main worry would be– how do you know if someone is capable of tutoring? I suppose session by session, but every time you try a new tutor, that’s a loss of 7 – 20 dollars (based on individual rate).  How do people protect themselves from “lip service”?  Self discretion, I suppose. At least it’s adult-friendly and somewhat intimidating for a kid/teen to check out (not to mention– El Ed/Jr High/HS students get their tutors from teachers or aim for hot classmates).  I honestly see this site as being a great resource for parents & college kids.  Parents can call & arrange the tutor, and HOPEFULLY monitoring that tutor as he/she works with a child.  College kids can get help from university professors (there were quite a few listed from what I saw) or professionals in the field.  Nice.

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