MTV Awards likes UGC too!

Sorry if you’ve seen this all over the net:

MTV is looking to add some user-generated spice to its 2007 Movie Awards. Along with partners Yahoo! and producer Mark Burnett the company is greatly expanding the awards shows presence online with a new award and increased interactivity.Starting April 23, Web surfers will be able to submit their own short original movie spoofs to a “MTV Movie Awards on Yahoo!” site. One of those videos will be selected to win a new “Best Movie Spoof – User Generated” award. The final five nominees will be flown to Los Angeles for the June 3 event.Content AgendaVisitors to the site will also be able to interact live with the awards show via an edited-for-content “world wide web wall” which will be displayed during the broadcast. As in the past, fans will also be able to vote for the shows winners on the website.

MTV Movie Awards Add User-Generated Award – 3/12/2007 12:58:00 PM – Broadcasting & Cable

Lets see what those teens & college kids can DO! MTV Movie Awards are SOOO produced… I wonder if the user generated content will be able to hold up? Should prove interesting? I wonder if this addition to the telecast even affect their ratings?

The same kids that will be making the content are already the kids that would be watching it. I don’t really see the UGC side of the show actually bringing in any extra marketing-revenue. Maybe it’s to throw a “bone” to the uber-MTV kids that obsess over the network and finally letting them have their moment to shine. Truth be told– as a viewer, I don’t really care about this addition, I only watch to see celebrities. It’s a giant tabloid set to the latest music/trends.

…So, what’s it matter that the UGC element is involved? I’d LOVE to hear/see/read the review on this little sweetness. ESPECIALLY given that it will cost more to view/regulate the submitted videos than it will probably bring in.

*Shrugs* Would be glad to be proven wrong… but that’s my prediction/opinion.

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