New: Kabillion!

Hey all you SKWIDS out there welcome to Kablab; your very own guide to all the newest and hottest happenings on Kabillion on Demand and our never ending website Hosted by two SKWIDS just like you, Alina Mardirossian and Brandon Balisteri, Kablab gives you the most revealing inside look at this amazing new world created for kids of all ages. It’s Kabillion indeed a brave new world, a gigantic leap forward for mankind. A place where there is truly no limit to what you can do an entire television and online network created by you!So come on over and hang out in the wild world of Kablab with Alina and Brandon. Learn how to become a Kabillionaire and take a guided tour through the endless awesome choices at See exciting sneak previews of the hottest new shows coming to Kabillion on Demand. Watch “SKWID VIDS”, fun and hilarious videos posted by SKWIDS just like you. See cool interviews with celebrity guests. And that’s just the beginning – Kablab

FYI: A new User Generated Online Meets Television adventure… actually hosted by KIDS (can you believe it?).

I’m still trying to determine the in’s and out’s of this crazy thing (mostly because I’ve just stumbled on to it)… is it a network on Comcast? Is it a block of hosted shows, day-time programming, or 24 hour cartoon/Kabillion/Kablam access? How difficult is it to get on cable? [Well, it’s “On Demand” so it lives in a library of craziness where you can pick and choose shows in/out of order, or just watch one episode over and over and over.  I’d rather have tivo and stalk the programming of my choosing.]

It has Bobby’s World, which was a cartoon on Fox back in the Nineties (I loved Bobby’s World— Subway had kids meals with Bobby figurines in it– i had one for AGES attached crudely to my keychain. But my love was a ’90’s kinda love, and sadly the program isn’t as edgy as 1/2 the cartoons out these days– it’s like twinkies, I remember them tasting a heck of a lot better when I was a kid). There seems to be a handful of other so-so cartoon/kid programs associated with this “Kabillion” thing.

There’s a community section, but since Kabillion seems relatively new, there’s not much activity to it.

This site/program/enigma seems to want to seemlessly combine web, tv, and real life (aka UGC), but hasn’t got much to stand on yet (old programming, low activity, trying-hard mentality).

This concept is very “future” and the route many networks are moving in– but is it too soon for an underdog without much BANG to it’s buck? I give Kabillion PROPS for their vision of UGC, as well as their approach to the hosts (the website does a great job of presenting them).

I suppose, from a web format is– I’d like to see someone TRULY combine web & tv seemlessly. Turbonick is doing a good job. The N kinda is too– but that still has that “support system for TV, and not its own entity” vibe. MTV has “over drive” but they hate MAC users, so it’s rare I get to hang out there. Of course, I’m leaving out the TV meets Web via Virtual Worlds convo– simply because that is it’s own bag-o-beans, if you know what I mean. And really– this conversation is starting to branch out from my “Kabillion” topic. I will hopefully get a chance to write my reviews of some of the network sites, virtual worlds, etc that affect both entertainment biz & kids/tweens/teens. 🙂

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