Cartoon Network: Kid Empowerment Plans

Kid Empowerment through Positive Role Models!!!

So– talented kids, filmed, then vids shown on the net? Voting? Hmmm. Sounds like a mix of Disney’s bumpers (have you seen those? They interview kick’n kids who do some really great stuff and show the bits throughout the TV day) & “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee” hour-long specials.

Let’s just hope they get some awesome hosts. Cartoon Networks’ Fridays has decent cartoon block hosts –definitely better than “some” of the hosts out there. I miss Dave Aizer. He was a great Nick host. Same with Summer Sanders from Figure It Out. But enough of that….

Hopefully they’ll present this show in a way that isn’t so “classroom show and tell” and it instead provides a unique, encouraging way for “talented” kids to be active. (In other words: Not just goody-goody viewpoints, but actually gives awesome examples of kid choices/talent/etc masked by the fun/cool elements). Does that make sense? I suppose I’m (as a viewer & zealot in the pro-kid movement) interested in seeing talented kids that aren’t so poster-child-of-perfection. It would be a change for these types of programs. After rereading the description above, it sounds like they’re going the goody-goody route. Hmmm.

As always, time will tell. Best of luck, Cartoon Network!!

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