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Power Trio: User Generated Content & TV & Jack Black (Acceptable.tv)

The folks behind the site Channel101.com are teaming up with VH1 and Jack Black for an innovative video show called Acceptable.TV (watch the hilarious promo). In a nutshell, users upload their own three-minute mini-shows. The user shows are combined with “professional” shows produced by the Acceptable.TV team. Users then vote for the shows they want to cancel or let live for another week. The “acceptable” shows air on TV, and all of the shows (including clips that are too edgy for TV) will be online. But here’s the kicker: Acceptable.TV’s video will be powered by Revver, and users who submit shows will get a cut of ad revenue each time their clip is viewed on the web. The more popular the clip, the more money they make. Add all these components together — a blend of user-created and professional video, uncensored clips, a hilarious host, an interactive experience and revenue sharing — and it all adds up to a very promising idea. The website goes live on Monday, and the show premieres on March 23rd.Acceptable.TV’s first promo features Jack Black and others ripping TV for being “too slow” and “not interactive enough.” The second spot features a woman who falls asleep watching TV and leaves “him” for the internet.

VH1’s new ‘Acceptable.TV’ combines TV, web – Lost Remote TV Blog

Okay, my only Oscar comment on this blog: the best part of the 79th Oscars was JACK BLACK, WILL FERRELL, AND JOHN C. RILEY… they made me weep with delight (now if only Robin Williams, and his Oscar, had popped up for a moment in the song, as he’s Stand-up Comedian & an Oscar winner).

Anyway, this is a great way to make User Generated Content work, and for adults nonetheless!! See, this is the route Nickelodeon’s Me:TV should have gone. Fun audience (as VH1 has really aimed for that goofy angle *cough*ILoveNewYork*cough*) fun mind (Jack Black is uber fun), and a trendy “fun for now” concept (User Generated insanity). Plus they’ve devised a way to make money on the site too. So smart.

Wow. I can’t help but wonder how big this User Generated “Schhhtuff” is going to get, not to mention, how long it lasts. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, but do they want to wait around for everyone else to get theirs too?

(p.s. I was trying to link a vid to this page and it wasn’t working. Their site is officially open, simple, and GLORIOUS. They have three vids-o-explanation to choose from. I dig the third. Shame i couldn’t post it here. )

Dear Jack Black,

Nickelodeon was right to give you a Blimp (aka Kids Choice Award). Why? Because you are brilliant.

Thank you,


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