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OH, Britney Spears, thanks for the laugh!

This was a gem at the office today. I suggest you check out the website for Britney’s Midnight Fantasty perfume.

One of the “latest” trends in online marketing is to have celebs from your favorite shows call your friends’ phone lines. How is this possible? Well, it’s all pre-recorded, and is more like a menu you personalize for your friend. The first people I saw attempt this technique were none other than the collective genius behind NBC’s The Office. Two months ago the website gave you a chance to have Dwight Shrute call your friends’ number and leave a wacky message. I LOVED this. (who also has his own blog. It hasn’t been updated in the new year, but it’s still work a giggle). That website is STACKED with golden egg goodies (Scrantonocity, anyone?).

Like a month after my obsession with Dwight’s phone calls, I recieved a message from Alec Baldwin. Who, I have come to realize, is brilliance incarnate. Check out NBC’s 30 Rock website, which as a show only gets better each episode. I love Thursday Night TV.

But Britney’s site? AHAHAHAHAHA. What a joke. It’s really sad to see what has happened to that child’s star. Implosion is on the horizon, me thinks. I digress. Anyway, so YOU can call your best “Hot Guy” or “Cool Friend” and tell them about your “Midnight Fantasy” which can include “Wicked Warriors” and his “Family Jewels” (yes, she totally said family jewels). It’s ri-donk-ulous.

My question is… did they MEAN it to be so creepy/lame/laugh-a-minute? Or was it supposed to be “sensual”? Ugh. I prefer thinking it was all an accident, and that my laughs are do to my awesome sense of humor.

Check it out. It’s worth a giggle.

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