Part 2:, MeTv, and the Future

I realize that I didn’t really explain what “ME:TV” was in my last post about it…

The website describes it as this:


Nickelodeon’s “Me:TV” is the brand-new destination for everything YOU!

Live on Nick TV weekdays from 5-7 PM/4-6c, “ME:TV” put YOU in control. Two hosts, Alex & Jordan, will guide you through two hours of your favorite Nick shows while showing off the stuff YOU create!
That means YOUR videos uploaded on TurboNick, YOUR Mash-Ups, Your original music… If you made it, we’ll show it!
Plus, if you can’t join us live in person in NYC, you can join us live on a web cam from your own home! Click around to find out how to be a part of “Me:TV” every day, because there’s no “ME:TV” without YOU!

Basically, “ME:TV” is like a TV program broken up into segments that are placed before, during, and after regularly scheduled cartoon line-ups and almost always sandwich (or bookend, if you prefer) commercial breaks. “ME:TV” acts like a “host” to a selected line-up of shows.

What “ME:TV” is designed to do is give viewers a voice. Not just the viewers in the audience, and not just viewers outside the studio– but viewers from home. The mass public. It’s giving kids their “Fifteen minutes of fame”

“ME:TV” has it set up so you can submit homemade videos of yourself to be aired, you can contribute to their online forum and have your responses read on air, or even be selected for their “Web Wall”– where kids with webcams get to wave in the background as the hosts of “ME:TV” talk. Sometimes games (like they had on Slime Time Live) are played with the webcam kids, or kids in the audience. They have an open call for audience members willing to travel to New York to sit in on the show. Only the kiddies though (they’ve thwarted me again).

It all sounds amazing from a kid-fan perspective. Again, my question remains… will this set up last, or get boring (it seems as though it might get more tedious than America’s Funniest Home Videos… oo diss! sorry)??? Or, will the hosts/show set-up/Set design get a little more “Nick-i-fied” (I’d like to see more colors, some slime, and some good ole kid goofiness added) so it has long-lasting flair???

The more I think about it– the more I would like to see explosions of fun worked in… and not just “Look, it’s Martha, she’s waving on that wall from her webcam” or “Look, it’s a video of Danny doing something funny with a pineapple slice on his nose as he plays his favorite song on the piano” Sure it’s worth a chuckle now… but will it be worth a chuckle in a month of seeing the same stuff? Ya know? Surpise us, Nickelodeon! That’s why we love you! That’s why I’m in my late 20’s and still an uber-guber fan!

It’s a great idea with great potential. It’s why the Bozo show stayed on so darn long. (By the way, my sister was on the Grand Prize game. No matter what Cookie said at the time– their life time supply of Big League Chew was not a life time supply, and was actually something you could get at Sam’s Club. Bummer.).

Most of this appears in the comment section of my last “ME:TV” post. I apologize for those double readers. I thought it deserved a little more explanation. I, for one, am VERY excited to see what this show brings about for the future. Let’s just hope its not more Britney “Was too young for that much stardom and now is going crazy” Spears. Seems a bit Drew Barrymore-circa-late-90’s for me, except worse (with the tater tots involved). That’s another discussion for another time (How do we save our youth from entertainment over indulgence– stay tuned?)

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