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Teen Heroes: "Tomorrow belongs to…”

 “…the people who prepare for it today”  -African Proverb

The United Nations Association of the USA’s HERO Campaign has teamed up with beinggirl.com, the P&G web site created by teen girls for teen girls, and CosmoGIRL! magazine to launch a nationwide search for 20 teens to serve as HERO Youth Ambassadors. The selected teens will spend a month this summer in HIV/AIDS affected communities in Africa volunteering in HERO-sponsored schools and experiencing first-hand what it means to be a global citizen.

HERO is an awareness building and fundraising initiative dedicated to providing comprehensive, school-based support to orphans and vulnerable children living in HIV/AIDS-affected communities in Africa. Along with its in-country partners, HERO provides each school with a comprehensive “HERO Package” that includes feeding programs, classrooms (repair and construction), toilets, clean water, visiting nurses, counselors, books and other school resources.

“Our goal for the Youth Ambassador program is for teens to understand their role and responsibility in the global community and understand how they can really make an impact,” said Gabrielle Armand, HERO Marketing Director. “Now, with the help of beinggirl.com and CosmoGIRL! we are excited to bring this opportunity to teenagers across the country.

“Teens will be selected to become Youth Ambassadors by completing an online application at beinggirl.com/hero, which includes a 300 word essay and the submission of two letters of recommendation. Once selected, the 20 Youth Ambassadors will be responsible for fundraising to cover the expenses of their trip, and in July they will spend one month in South Africa and Namibia actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

P&G’s beinggirl.com :: HERO, beinggirl.com, and CosmoGIRL! on a Nationwide Search for Teen Youth Ambassadors

There are all of these great social networkings popping up to aid kids around the world. Kids saving kids– that’s just awesome.  Now… we’ve got these places opening– are they gonna be successful?  I hope so.

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other websites for saving the world: change.org, invisiblechildren.com

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