The nation’s fastest-growing private companies are making use of social media — including blogs, social networking and podcasts — at a rate more than twice that of Fortune 500 companies, according to a new study. – Study: Inc. 500 Companies Fast Adopters of Social Media – Small Business

Sorry I didn’t post more of that article. Check it out for yourself, if you’re interested. I’m going to do a private jig for myself… having chosen a job which (hopefully = wood + knock) will continue on the rise.

Basic element is this: We are social beings. We cannot survive en masse without others about us (man doesn’t meet woman = no more babies), otherwise we’d become hermits (Props to the hermits out there for being able to handle seclusion).

Web is making meet’n’greetin’ so much easier. Allowing us to globally spread our wings. Live beyond our own backyard. You can talk to experts, or become an expert, on topics you feel strongly about without having to leave your living room. Or, you can learn enough about a topic/place/person and have that information INSPIRE you into doing something you would have never done before.

Corporations that open their doors to community allow people to become brand evangelists. Not just “use” a product, but have that product become a part of them. I mean, who knew Doritos would become such an awesome site, allowing communities to create commercials which then get broadcasted across the country in the most COVETED advertising spot, with MILLIONS of eyes watching??? I mean, i don’t even LIKE Doritos, but heck- if I were going to like greasy, fatty chips– then Doritos would be my brand!

People gettin’ respect for being people… SOCIAL BEINGS rocks! (See, Teachers of the World, id DOES pay to be a social butterfly) Now if only those private companies using their social media would stick some of that fortune 500 cashola back into their communities, ala Threadless, then, wouldn’t we all just be happier for it? 😉

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