A bit of great advice…

An issue with webcams and younger kids is not the webcam that takes the picture, but the video itself. Parents that shoot kids at the pool, or birthday party, or whatever… then post the video on the web for grandparents or other relatives to view from a distance is a risk.With photo and video pages now becoming like social networking pages (flickr, etc) the predators and pedophiles are scouring the web for content.ADVICE: ONLY use sites that password your video and still photo content. Do NOT use the social sites like flickr, or yahoo pictures without passwording your pictures online. If you use sites like kodak or Apple’s .mac service, you can easily password your pages. NEVER use youtube or other “social” video sites for your young video clips.

BlogSafety Community: Webcam Safety …

I just saw this on the blogsafety website (which i LOVE by the way). I had not thought about this issue, and thought the advice was brill. I’m a flickr user, so I’ll now think TWICE about sticking pictures of any tiny tot relatives or friends’ wee buggers. Perhaps you should too?

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