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"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,…”

“…yet we forget that he is someone today.”  -Stacia Tauscher

Today’s children are consummate multi-taskers. They watch television, play a handheld computer game and read a comic, all at the same time. According to the Keiser Family Foundation – a US-based health information and research charity – over a quarter of eight to 18-year-olds consume two or more forms of media simultaneously at any given time. Multi-tasking is, in part, a product of the sheer abundance of child-oriented media. Until 15 years ago, most children had access to only four terrestrial channels that showed children’s programmes at specific times. Today, according to Ofcom, 63% of family homes have digital TV, giving children a choice of over 20 dedicated channels, many of which broadcast throughout the day. And, in these homes, 66% of children’s viewing is of non-terrestrial channels, compared to 47% of adult viewing.

News: The future belongs to the kids – MarketingWeek

The funny thing about the Community Next conference was that NO ONE addressed the matter of children.  Kids are the ones that are going to be on all these sites, knowing how to hack, how to manuever, how to conquer the site better than ANY adult either on or running the site. 

I’m not going to name names, but I actually had the CEO of a family community site tell me that children 7 & 8 years old do not know how to type…. Yes. He said, point blank, that kids 7 & 8 do not know how to type.  No matter how many times I repeat it, I’m still baffled. 

Is this the mindframe of many social networks out there? Kids aren’t worth the time because they’re incapable of motor skills? I certainly hope not.  Clearly they’re creeping up as a HUGE media-consumer.  People have got to address the elephant in the corner, before it plays hopscotch on everyone’s faces. 🙂

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