"Learning from experience…”

“…is a faculty almost never practiced.” –Barbara Tuchman

Invisible Children and Digitaria Unveil First Online Community for Youth Inspired to ‘Be A Hero’

Schools for Schools is a safe and secure, invitation-only online community, designed for the high school demographic – Invisible Children’s strongest supporters. Students are inspired to use creativity to raise money for the organization, and then to showcase ideas and communicate with other young activists. Schools for Schools is the first program to provide immediate data on where the money goes by providing participants with a visually interactive network. The “Real-Time Results” section of the Web site allows students to see the dynamic atmosphere of students across the world signing up, raising money and making a difference. Visual benchmarks on school profiles allow students to instantly understand the impact of their donation on five major categories: water, teachers, books, buildings and technology.

“A majority of high schools students currently participate in some type of online social community. These online networks are becoming a way of life for today’s youth,” said Digitaria CEO, Daniel Khabie. “We have worked with Invisible Children to provide a safe, positive online community that inspires students across the world to connect on a common social issue and to collaborate to take action. After one week, more than 1,250 high school students and 110 schools have already enrolled in Schools for Schools, to help raise money and awareness for Invisible Children.”

As the first online community that empowers students to use their voice to change lives, Schools for Schools honors the everyday heroes across America. In addition to raising money, participating students have the opportunity to nominate “Heroes”. Invisible Children will award select “Heroes” with bonus opportunities of monetary grants toward the school’s fundraising total, a trip to Washington, D.C. to lobby alongside Invisible Children, or a chance to win the first-place prize: an all-expenses-paid trip to Northern Uganda.

Invisible Children and Digitaria Unveil First Online Community for Youth Inspired to ‘Be A Hero’

Awesome. Simply, amazingly awesome. Check out the website: http://sfs.invisiblechildren.com

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