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"There is no female mind–

…The brain is not an organ of sex. May as well speak of a female liver.”
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Preach on, fellow human being!! …This general idea I find funny: Young, fearless women are being described with a term. Yes. A term. I mean, it’s appreciated that peeps like myself are following their own “Personal Legend” (read: The Alchemist). But to call the ladies out, when it should be generally accepted that anyone has the right to be independent and travel-worthy in their 20’s. I’m a personaist. Let’s not give the “eye of mordor” to any one gender, and just encourage all twenty somethings to do the same.

JWT Defines Segment Of TwentySomething Women As ‘Atalantas’

JWT has come up with a demographic of twentysomething women they are calling Atalantas. Not because they are from Atlanta or Atlantis, but because “in Greek mythology, Atalanta broke with convention and refused to settle down until she finished her education and saw the world; when she finally did marry, it was on her own terms.” According to their press release, Atalantas have the following characteristics:- She is independent: Single throughout her 20s, she is unwilling to settle for less than the best.- She has a bold attitude: And a lot of it. Some may call her unswaying or stubborn; we see it as her need to assert herself.- She loves to travel: A yearning for adventure and a spirit that can’t be contained in one place is part of what makes her unique.- She stands out wherever she is, both for her ideals and her devil-may-care attitude.

Ypulse: Media for the Next Generation

All in all, it’s a fine artical I guess. Just silliness, In my opinion. 😉

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