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“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted…”

“…They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted.” – Garrison Keillor 

Are filters (with their ‘almighty’ parental powers) the way of the future? No.  But that doesn’t make them worthless.

Parental Controls are like seat belts for new drivers. You teach your kid as best you can how to drive, how to be safe, how to get from here to there without any problems… You can continue to trust your kids as long as there is education on how to conduct themselves.

The parental controls are like a contingency plan… you never know when someone else is going to cause a problem/accident from a blind-spot. Might as well have that belt in place just in case. After all, it’s not always your child’s fault, right?

I understand the teens’ right to feel restricted by a parental control program. But everyone has to realize it’s for best interests. Take a pro-active look at the tools. Besides, they say filters aren’t doing the job they should be these days. It’s education & understanding that saves the day in the end.

Perhaps chosing the tools for parental control should be talked about and decided as a group– that way there is trust, understanding, and kid/parent empowerment.

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