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“And I’m gonna always love you”

-Baby Piggy from Muppets Take Manhattan (movie)

Where are the Muppet Babies when you need them?

Muppet Babies was an innocent, yet cheeky, encouraging, imaginative, and promising show for children. Clearly, Jim Henson KNEW how to engage viewers WITHOUT force feeding them– on many levels of media.

Why is it important for children under the age of 9 to know & understand the horror and politics of the world? Let preteens & teens learn then!

Is it wrong to believe that kids should stick to being kids? Let them worry about the silly worries of children– like… if i eat a seed will a tree grow in my stomach? Children should worry about the weather ruining their game of tag, or poor Frosty as he melts in the front yard, not about nuclear devices in far off lands.

If kids stop enjoying their own imagination, is it possible to learn how to like/love themself? How can someone be comfortable in his/her own skin when they’ve never spent time in their own thoughts? How can we encourge young minds to think of the impossible if they aren’t allowed to actually spend time THINKING by themselves?

Should kids always watch television and movies in automobiles, or should they spend time daydreaming out the window? Should children have a television in their bedroom, or should they enjoy the time & play-toys they have? Should everything always be made for a child, or should we let the children make things for themselves?

I was standing at the microwave in the office kitchen today and I saw one of those tea strainers– you know, the ones that look like the Enterprise from Star Trek. I got to thinking– didn’t the Muppet Babies do an ENTIRE EPISODE based on the tea strainer?! And the answer: YES! An entire episode based on what the heck it was ‘for’. Weather it be space ship, microphone, etc– they had thousands of imaginative ideas for its purpose. Are kids like that anymore? Do they have time to sit and posulate on the purpose of silly looking objects? Or are they already plugged into some technology. Okay, I realize that the Muppets Babies were a television show– television being a ‘technology’. But the point is still there.

The best gifts I got when I was a child were– dolls to use as self-vehicles, boxes, holy socks (make great sleeping bags and dresses), shoe boxes (make great houses when cup up with scissors), cardboard bricks (walls), clay, and loads of time.

Please tell me there’s a Henson Hope for the future! ‘Cos all we’ve got now is Spongebob & Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. With 5+ major kids cable channels (as opposed to my Fox 32 channel of afternoon cartoons), one would think that Henson-inspired magic would be bursting out of every outlet.

Oh, Nanny… where are you when we need you?

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