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“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths…

but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” (Anne Frank)

 Check out this article:

Teach the Children: Your Kids Need to Know What Dangers Threaten Them Everyday – Associated Content

It’s not an internet-centered piece, but what the author does is remind you WHY its important to keep your child aware of the dangers in life. Expectations are both bad and good… assumptions are both bad and good… it depends upon the context in which they lie.

While surfing the next, if your expect to see inappropriate material, you’ll be prepared to deal with it. If you’re not under the assumption that predetors prowl the information super highways… then you won’t realize when conversations reveal too much information.

When I was in college, I was on the elementary teacher-track. I had student taught at a strict private school where things like Spongebob were illegal contraband (cartoon rears of sponges are inappropriate it seems). After the experience was over, we had only one class/seminar remaining before graduation– and it was the culmination of our entire 4 year education degree. We were asked to research the negative influence of books (book burning, influences, racism, etc) on classrooms, families, etc. I decided to research HARRY POTTER. Like Spongebob, Harry Potter was banned from the school I taught at. Harry = witchcraft, devil, evil, rebellion, and paganism (so says the school & its followers). But the school wasn’t alone. Religious demoninations all over the US were banning HP, burning HP, and preaching against HP.

Personally– I love HP and everything it stands for. I have my religion, and witchcraft is not part of it… but fantasy is fantasy, and people are allowed to believe in whatever they wish. Its their life, not mine.

So, one evening I sat down in the crowded University computer lab, at a computer, stuck on my headphones, logged into the net, and began my research. IN my google surfing, I came across a website called, Mothers Against Harry Potter. Mothers against HP? Mothers? Okay– sounded like a great resource. A mother’s opinion about their child’s literature was the direct source I was interested in– from the horses mouth (to be cliche). I clicked the site, and then IT happened.

PORN– EVERYWHERE! It was a trap. Thousands and thousands of pages opened over and over on my screen, revealing HORRIBLE images. I couldn’t stop it. The program was locked, and the porn rolled in. Worse yet– my earphones started blasting “I’M LOOKING AT PORN, I’M LOOKING AT PORN.” They were the old school earphones (not earbuds) with the sponge that really did NOTHING to keep in sound. Everyone could hear the screaming voice. Everyone could see my screen. Highly embarassing. Eventually I had to crawl under the desk and yank the plug from the wall, forcing the computer to be silenced.

Trouble lurks around every corner– whether it be in Chicago, Mumbai, Google, or Myspace. It’s there. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IT. Just be aware, and educated enough to deal with it properly.

Sure– god said DO NOT EAT THAT APPLE, EVE. But, you can’t help but wonder… if Eve knew more about the Snake, it’s intentions, and the big ole boot from heaven BEFORE she bit the apple, perhaps she would have been prepared– perhaps armed with a snake-hungry mongoose.

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