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“The same thing happens in any genre: They’ll saturate it, put a pillow over it and smother it.”

Oh, woe are the good hearts that want to create a social community to create congregation, commiseration, and unstoppable insanity.
So the buzz words of the year are: Social Networking and Online Communities

It’s hard to conquer a nation on behalf of kids when everyone else is doing it to make a buck. Okay… so making a ‘buck’ is how websites survive. So true, so true. But holy saturation batman! What I WANT TO KNOW is… of all of the entertainment companies that are tacking ‘social networking’ into their brand framework– how many of them actually give a (excuse my crudeness) crap?! Seriously.

When I was a freshman in college I FINALLY got cable. I grew up with the television as one of my closest friends (sad, isn’t it? That’s what happens when you live in a kid-less neighborhood), and my parents feared for my well being if they offered me more than 7 channels. Being the cartoon-freak I am, I dove head first into the wonderful world of Nickelodeon. I can’t tell you how many times my old roomie asked to change the channel from Blue’s Clues (Sponge Bob is the new Blue’s Clues).

I loved everything about Nickelodeon, and I would write emails to their info account from their webpage (which, at that time, was barely anything at all). My topics ranged from “I want to be on Figure it Out” to “How can I help promote kid empowerment with Nickelodeon” (term paper for my Social Development and Education class). Not once did I recieve an email. Not even an automated email. Nothing. Nada.

In a way, I don’t blame them for not answering. I was a freshman in college after all– and that just BREEDS creepy factor (no matter how honorable my intentions were). However, I can only wonder how many kids followed my lead? Kids love properties. They love characters. They are mini martyrs for their causes (which tend to be like collages of pop culture). They use their likes/loves/dislikes/hates as identity markers. With that much enthusiasm, how can you NOT give back?

So as the market FILLS will social networking platforms… keep an eye out for the sites that actually acknowledge and respect the end user (as more than mere dollars and stats).

Quantity vs Quality? Quality every time.

(Quote: Tim Burton)

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